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Announcing Seedbucket

We are very pleased to announce the first release of our new project named “Seedbucket”. Seedbucket is developed in-house by Seedboxes.cc and it is an effort to be a one-stop alternative for your day to day seedbox management.

It has an integrated state of the art filemanager and an integrated torrent client webUI.

All users who are already migrated on our new platform, can install Seedbucket from their “Installable Applications” in their client area.

The first version is just the beginning, as our vision is to support cloud storages (GDrive, OneDrive, DropBox) as well, and file copying between them and your seedbox filesystem.

Currently, the version 1 of Seedbucket, has the following features:


  • Basic file management operations (Upload, Move, Copy, Delete, Download)
  • Resumable Uploads
  • Torrent Creation
  • Compress/Uncompress Archives (Rar, zip, 7z, ace, tar, tar,gz etc)
  • Mediainfo display
  • Create Screenshots of Video files
  • Sharing Files with 3rd Parties via share link

Torrent Interface (Deluge and rtorrent frontend)

  • Upload/Add Torrents
  • Start/Stop Torrents
  • Filters for torrents on state and trackers
  • Delete Torrents (with or without Data)

We plan on updating SeedBucket on 2 week intervals, adding new features and correcting bugs. As this is just the first release, it is expected to have quite a few bugs and features missing, so please feel free to send your feedback from within the application, by clicking the “Send Feedback” button.

Although the feature set is still quite limited, we believe that it will make all the difference to deluge users, who completely lack any kind of web filemanager with torrents support. Furthermore, rutorrent users, will have a great faster and evolved alternative that will completely replace the legacy and very aged “rutorrent” interface.