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Better and more reliable network with 20gbps per server

Many months ago we pledged to our customers to build the most reliable networking of any seedbox company. One might ask: Didn't we already have one of the best, if not the best network ?

The answer is "Probably", but this was not enough for us. We are perfectionists, and we want to keep raising the bar again and again. We aim higher, to make ourselves better.

During this transition, our poor CEO, had to make a decision. Is this upgrade really necessary to spend an extra 50 thousand euros in server upgrades and network equipment? None of the other seedbox companies seems to do this. Actually most of them, are resellers of dedicated server companies (ex. Leaseweb), reselling cheap equipment while spending nothing in investments like we do. He finally made the right decision (you can guess which one right?)

I guess, this is what makes us different. We care about quality, we make ourselves better and we are the ones that set our industry standards. You know that you are the best, when others start to "copy" your success. Over the last few months, we saw new companies emerging, that literally copied our service and platform. We even found one, that copied our marketing logos and design.

Our response to that will be a full month of upgrades and new features for our loyal clients :)

We have been silently working since the beginning of the year, to upgrade our whole platform to a new level.

We started with our hardware. Even though we have the BEST hardware of any other seedbox provider in the world, we doubled the RAM on all our servers. This provides more disk caching capabilities for our clients (better speed, with less disk load), while gives us the capability of introducing new features, like - spoiler alert :D - Plex video streaming support.

Next step was the network.  We had an incident a few months ago, that brought our network down for 2 hours. This was completely unacceptable for us, so we pledged to make everything redundant. That means double everything. Double the network cards, double the switches, double the optic fiber cables. And of course, double the available bandwidth on each server to 20Gbps (2x10Gbps). While one might argue, that our network was never saturated in the first place, this upgrade has real world benefits, especially in the transfers between our own servers. And of course while everything is now redundant, any hardware malfunction will not result in bringing all the network down.

So, we are very happy to announce, that all these upgrades are now complete! All the servers now have 20gbps of available bandwidth, and 256GB of RAM. At the same time we removed any upload speed restrictions from our plans, and now all users have unrestricted access to the 20gbit of available bandwidth of the server!

Stay tuned, May is going to be an exciting month!