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More disk space for everyone!

We promised this May will be a month to remember :)

So we decided this morning to upgrade the disk space on all our plans, effective immediately for all our clients.

At the same time, we decided to change the way we calculate the disk space on our plans, to be in accordance to what our competitors (and disk manufacturers) also use.

Almost anyone who has ever studied computers science could tell you that

1byte * 1024 = 1KB * 1024 = 1MB * 1024 = 1GB * 1024 = 1TB etc.

We used the devision by 1024 from the beginning, because it is the correct way to calculate disk space.

However, hard disk manufacturers use the division by 1000 method to calculate disk sizes. A 3TB disk actually has 2750GB of real disk space, because they chose to calculate it like this:

1byte * 1000 = 1KB * 1000 = 1MB * 1000 = 1GB * 1000 = 1TB

At the same time, 2 years now, many of our competitors started to sell slots, with more disk space, but by calculating disk space by the factor of 1000. This confused potential customers, and worked as a disadvantage for us.

For this reason, we started calculating disk sizes by the factor of 1000 this morning too, but at the same time, we increased the disk space allowed in our plans by much more than you actually lose because of this transition.

So everyone is happy!

Now, we can actually sell a 3TB disk plan as 3000GB, and create less confusion to the potential buyer.