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Clearing out how your account funds work

Some of you might have noticed, that the last 3 weeks there have been some changes to the way our billing system works.

This is because 3 weeks ago, we switched from our old underlying billing system, to our new homebrew billing system, 100% developed by us, that will help us provide future services and make common issues that we had with the old billing system, disappear.

Although we tried to make all this migration to the new system transparent, there are a few changes that some of you observed. The most apparent one, is the way that we use account credit (funds).

A few clients had complained in the past, that they did not like the fact that we automatically used their funds to pay renewal invoices 10 days before the due date (during the invoice generation). Although that wasn't a real issue, we decided to make the following change in our new system:

1) 10 days before the due date, a new invoice is generated and you get an email informing you about this. Also since yesterday, you are also informed by the same email if you have enough credit in your account for the invoice to be paid automatically

2) If there is enough credit, then the system will deduct the amount and automatically pay the invoice, on the due date of the invoice (and not 10 days before on the invoice generation date)

3) If a new invoice is generated, with a due date on the same date of the generation, it gets automatically paid if there are funds in the account to cover the amount (ex. extra traffic invoice)

4) If you wish to mark the invoice paid, sooner than the due date, it is possible. A new option ("Account Funds") will be visible in the invoice page, providing you the ability to pay an invoice using your funds before the due date manually