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New app addition: Unpackerr

New app addition: Unpackerr

We are happy to announce, after popular demand, that we have added support for Unpackerr on our platform.

Furthermore since Unpackerr does not offer a WebUI and resides to a text configuration file only, we developed our own web application (UnpackerrUI) in order to provide our users with a nice WebUI to configure your Unpackerr installation.

With the new addition, we now support 47 different apps to be installed with 1-click on your seedbox (not counting 7 different torrent client selections that we also recently supported).

Unpackerr is an application that monitors a watch folder with downloaded items, and decompresses and extracts any archives found in this path. Furthermore, it can integrate with Radarr, Sonarr, Readarr, Lidarr and Whisparr and automatically extract releases downloaded by these apps.

Configuration is done through UnpackerrUI which is an app developed by Seedboxes.cc and automatically included in your Unpackerr installation.

You can find a guide on how to configure your Unpackerr, with UnpackerrUI here.