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Seedbucket v4 - A new user experience

We are very proud to release version 4.0.0 of our Seedbucket application which is a major step forward towards the vision we always had for the app!

With this release, we were able to provide a seamless integration of a smart PVR and a movie/tv database for discovery and exploration. Combining it with the powerful file manager, cloud drive connectors and downloading capabilities which Seedbucket already has, you can now replace multiple apps (sonarr/radarr/download client) to achieve the same result with just one - Seedbucket.

After plenty of months of development we have finally deployed the new features to ALL our clients and ALL our plans which as of today you can freely start using. But what exactly is this new user experience we are talking about?

As soon as you login to your Seedbucket app you will be redirected to the "Discover" page as shown below. For those already familiar with the app, you will notice that three new menu items have been added to the main menu on the left, and these are "Discover", "Download Center" and "Library".

Discover Page

From here you can explore and discover movies and TV shows that you might like, read information about them, watch trailers and more, similar to how IMDB works, but without leaving the app!

Details page of a movie

As soon as you find something you like, you can add it as a favorite to one of your Libraries and start tracking it by clicking the "Add to Library" on the upper right corner. An important feature here is that you can create multiple profiles and track multiple qualities (4k, 1080p, 720p, etc) simultaneously, a feature that sonarr and radarr lacks.

This is what a Library looks like with stuff you like and you are tracking:

You can add as many library as you like by simply clicking "Add Library" on the dropdown at the top of the page and just fill the modal:

Creating a library

With this release, we have also included a brand new "Download Center". Although it was possible to download direct links in the previous versions as well, we have now provided a dedicated user interface to manage/filter your downloads easier and be able to see more details about them:

Download Center

We have also included various bug fixes and UI improvements, all of which you can see them in detail in our changelog.

There is definitely room for improvement and a series of updates has been scheduled in the upcoming months.

We hope to enjoy all this new functionality, and as always, your feedback is welcome!