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New torrent client support

New torrent client support
QBitorrent is now officially supported along with all major torrent client upgraded versions

We just released the long awaited support for new torrent clients. Users can now switch from Deluge v1.3 to Deluge v2 and from Transmission v3 to Transmission v4 if they wish to.

Furthermore we added support for QBittorrent as well, and as you would expect, Qbittorrent is also supported in Seedbucket as well, as of now.

Finally we also made available Rutorrent v4 as an option as well. While Rutorrent v3.10 is quite old and the new Rutorrent v4 is very mature and much more polished, we need to make a few clarifications on differences between them:

1) There is no filemanager in Rutorrent v4. The rutorrent filemanager plugin is very outdated and not maintained anymore, and very much broken in rutorrent v4. So we could not include it.

2) The same goes for the fileshare and fileupload plugins as well. There are no updated maintained variants for rutorrent v4.

3) Autodl_irssi is not available in Rutorrent v4 as well.

4) Rutorrent v4 comes with rtorrent v0.9.8 only. It is not possible to use an earlier rtorrent version.

If you need the above 3 plugins, please stick to rutorrent v3. If you just need a filemanager or sharing capabilities, you can simply use Seedbucket which is much more powerful anyway. Finally, we are going to release support for Autobrr in the coming days, which is a perfect substitute for autodl-irssi.

You can switch your torrent client from within your client area, as you did before. We will not switch torrent clients to new versions for existing seedboxes. Whoever wants another version, they will have to switch manually.

Furthermore, if you switch for the first time to a newer version of the same client, your running torrents will be copied from your old client to the new version automatically. If you switch back to the old client, everything will be exactly as you left it before the previous switch.

As always, thank you for your continuous support and let us know of any issues you encounter with the new torrent client versions. Feedback is always welcome!