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Rerouting tool

We are excited to announce, the general availability of our new automated rerouting tool for our seedboxes.

The tool is available from the following page:


What this tool does, it that it measures the speed you get from our server, by all available interconnection carriers between our servers and your ISP.

Please be sure to login before starting a speedtest-reroute.

It then presents you the results and it gives you the ability to select to be routed through a alternative carrier other than the current one. You can also select the “Automatic reroute” option before the speedtest, so that the tool will automatically reroute you to the carrier that produces the best speed during the speed test.

Any reroutes through the reroute tool, will be active for a week and only for your IP during the time that you performed the reroute. If your IP changes, then you need to perform the reroute again. You can perform as many reroutes as you need, but no more than once per 5 minutes.

In order for our clients to see the rerouting options, you need to be logged in the reroute page before starting the speedtest.

More details and a detailed guide on our rerouting tool can be found here.