Seedbucket v1.4

We are proud to announce the general release of Seedbucket v1.4

In this update, which includes several small bugfixes reported by users, the major new features are:

  • Ability to create dashboards with FTP/SFTP storage drives: You can now use remote FTP and SFTP location in your seedbucket, and copy content directly between all your connected storages and your seedbox.
  • You can now copy single or multiple folders between all your connected storages
  • Label support for the torrent client with ability to change the label colours
  • You can add a torrent to your torrent client directly from the right click menu of the filemanager

For a complete changelog, you can click here.

The new version has been pushed to all our clients, and if you are using “Seedbucket” it should be already automatically updated.