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Seedbucket v3.6.1: Create dashboards with your Seedbox drives

As per your request, with today's v3.6.1 release, you now have the ability to create Dashboards with your Seedbox drives as well and select any folder as your home path, just like in any other drive!

And as always, misc improvements and bug fixes have been done as well.

In combination with our recent release that allowed you to directly download torrents to your external drives, you can now skip a couple of steps and make the whole process faster. If you have been using the feature in combination with your Seedbox drives, instead of browsing to the target directory, you can now create a Dashboard with the home path you visit often in your Seedbox and save a few clicks. This feature already existed for the other drives but it was not allowed for Seedbox drives, up until now.

We have also added two shortcuts in your file browser to make things even faster; SHIFT + U will open the upload modal and SHIFT + D will open the download modal!

In addition, with this release, we have also enabled editing/removing of a Seedbox dashboard (but not the Seedbox drives).  You can do that by simply going to your Settings > Dashboards.

Finally, we have improved the performance of direct torrent downloads when you are downloading to your seedbox and fixed a few annoying bugs that you have reported to us!

Your feedback and comments are always welcome!

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