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Seedbucket with rclone encryption!

We just released a long awaited feature for Seedbucket, which enables support for encrypted drives and folders (which is compatible with rclone crypt). Even though Plex server with google drive integration was already supported, you can now install a plex server with google drive support along with optional encryption, plus we have spent the last couple of months to make the whole process a breeze through our v2.2 Seedbucket application!

As of today, you will need to install Seedbucket first in order to use your Plex with Google Drive instead of going through your client area.

Through a few configuration wizards, you will easily be able to configure how you want to encrypt your drive or folder(s) and then decide if you want to use an encrypted folder with your Plex server installation.

Please note that Plex and Rclone integration currently only works with Google Drive but we do support encrypting Dropbox folders as well.

This new version provides you with the ability to:

* Configure or import existing settings in order to encrypt a whole drive

* Configure or import existing settings in order to encrypt one or more folders

* Install Plex Server with or without the support of Google Drive and Rclone integration

* View, browse and use your encrypted folders as normal folders via the file browser

* Copy/Move files between any source and target (e.g. from your seedbox to your encrypted Google Drive folder) and let automatic encryption do it’s magic

Of course, because we like to spoil you, we have been doing much more than that! Except solving a few annoying bugs (indexing files forever, wrong disk space validation with team drives etc), we have also made the whole application much faster during loading and usage and implemented a few extra features like the ability the create a dashboard with a custom folder as home, a few useful shortcuts in the file browser and more.

Our short future plans include making your whole experience with Seedbucket smoother and even more pleasant, and a couple of features that we want to keep them secret for now!

As always, your feedback is always welcome and enjoy another awesome version :)

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