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Seedbucket v2.0.0 is here!

Global Search, Google Team drives, lots of improvements and bug fixes in this long awaited release!

One of the major features that was missing from Seedbucket was Global Search. As of today, you can easily search within ALL your storage drives (and torrent client of course) from the search box at the top!

Search also provides some easily accessible options like searching only in the current Dashboard you are viewing instead of doing a global search. You can also set these defaults from your Settings > Preferences!

Another big feature that you were all waiting is the ability to connect your Google Team Drives. After you connect the team drive you will be able to do all the actions that you were doing in your other drives, including copying files!

Lots and lots of other improvements that you’ve requested have been implemented (e.g. extracting/creating password protected archives) and plenty annoying bugs have been fixed.

Finally we have also done a lot of improvements in the looks and feel of Seedbucket for all mobile devices!

As always, any feedback is always welcome :)

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