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Unlimited Traffic

We are very excited to announce, that as of today, we are upgrading all our plans for old and new clients with unlimited traffic!

We did a huge investment in our network the past year, making it possible for us to be able to offer this long awaited feature.

Unlimited traffic means that we will never charge your account for a specified amount of traffic per month. However, in order to safeguard ourselves and the performance of our seedboxes for most users we needed to make some adjustments to the way this feature is implemented.

Some of our competitors that offer unlimited traffic plans, mention fair usage limits in small letters, or “off peak” bandwidth which is another word for traffic shaping. All these limitations are basically enforced on all users at the peak time of traffic usage, usually at the evening hours.

We feel that this practice is completely unfair to 90% of the users that consume little to nothing traffic per month, which are throttled along with the “abusing” users during evening hours. We believe, that the users who rarely use a lot of traffic should always have the same high quality of service without a small percentage of abusers affecting their performance.

For this reason we implemented a system, where we basically split our network to 2 different traffic queues. The premium traffic and the volume traffic. Each account that consumes a preset amount of premium traffic (the bigger the plan the more the premium traffic per month) is automatically switched to the volume traffic for the rest of the month. Volume traffic, is kinda like “cheaper traffic”, but most users will never feel the difference, however, there is no speed limitation at all.

Furthermore, even if an account has been switched to volume traffic, this only includes the seedbox traffic. FTP, HTTP, SFTP and Plex traffic, will always use the premium network, making sure that you always get the best peering possible for streaming movies or downloading files to your home at top speed.

This way, we can guarantee, that low traffic consumers, will never be throttled by another abusing user, and will always receive the premium quality network that we are known for.

At the same time, it makes possible for us to be able to offer “unlimited traffic” plans to everyone!

From the whole team at Seedboxes.cc, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!