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New features and apps!

A new Christmas season has entered our lives, and our incredible team has prepared some nice treats for you!

We've been working really hard to implement as many of your suggestions, ideas kai requests as possible. Although we are not completely done, we are ready to announce a first batch of features that many of our users requested!

1. Rclone mounts

We already had a precooked method to mount a google drive inside your Plex server. It was a few clicks procedure with preconfiguration of everything, but only limited to the Plex server.

We know that many of you wanted to use this mount on other apps as well (ex. sonarr and radarr), which required a completely different approach in order to be performant and easy to use, in the way you are accustomed with everything we build.

Today, we released a new rclone mount installer, available in your Seedbucket! It allows to mount any Google Drive and Dropbox mount that you have preconfigured in your Seedbucket (with or without encryption) and mounts it inside your "/home/user/mounts/rclone" folder in your seedbox. You can use this mount in every app we support!

Furthermore, since we use rclone with a file cache as a backend for these mounts, it is practically possible to support any remote drive that rclone supports. Other than Google drive and Dropbox that can be configured from within Seedbucket automatically, you can request from our support to alter your mount to another cloud drive by providing to us the necessary configuration for rclone.

There are guides of course with more detailed information, and with things to have in mind on how to use this mount here:

Have in mind as well, that any seedbox with a Vampire Box and higher, has the ability to have an extra mount (2 mounts in total!).

2. Emby and Jellyfin

We now support Emby and Jellyfin along with Plex as installable media players. Please have in mind, that in the near future, we will allow only 1 media player to be installed per user. So although you can install more than one to try them out, we would like to ask you to uninstall the rest of them once you decide which one you want to use.

Of course, all three of them have support for remote drives and gpu hardware decoding (which we provide for free for all our clients under a fair usage policy).

3. More apps!

Other than Emby and Jellyfin, we also added a couple more apps to our one-click-install app list. We added Prowlarr (a really good alternative to Jackett) and Booksonic Air which are now available for everyone to install.

Everyone in our team is wishing you Merry Christmas and a wonderful and happy new year!