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Seedbucket improved torrent client!

It has been a while since our last update but we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our beloved Seedbucket is on the right track! After a couple of months of development, we are happy to announce that version 1.6.3 is now available which includes, among other cool things, a very nice and improved torrent client!

With the 1.6.3 release we introduce a much more stable, smoother and feature rich torrent client which includes more functionality and provides you with many more details regarding your torrents via a nice bottom drawer view which works on all your devices! In that way, you are able to control and manage your torrents much easier and do much more with them, even on your mobile phone!

A quick look of the desktop version of the drawer:


...and the mobile version of the drawer:


As you can see on the screenshots above, plenty new details and options have been added (including a nice and very fast torrent file list manager) which you can easily access from anywhere!

Another useful feature which has been added due to popular demand in this release, and works for both Deluge and rTorrent, is the ability to edit a torrent:


Also, we have improved the torrent client uploader in order to easily upload multiple torrent files and change their download path and label during the upload as you can see on the screenshot below and setting everything with one click:


Finally, a lot of improvements have been made in order to make your whole experience better and more secure! We will definitely not stop here as we are planning to introduce more improvements and functionality for our torrent client in the next couple of weeks and many more improvements in other areas of the app are coming in the next couple of months!

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